Academic Support

Academic Services for Student-Athletes

The Curry College Athletic Department is committed to providing the most efficient and effective support for all student-athletes.  The success the Colonels enjoy on the field, court or rink is not nearly as important as the achievements of the individual student-athletes in the classroom. The Academic Enrichment Center has worked with the Athletic Department to sponsor mandatory study halls for the athletes, two nights each week during the academic year. The most critical period for students is generally in their first semester, so these study halls help student-athletes get into the routine of attending classes, practicing and studying. 

Through cooperation with College departments and professional advisors, student-athletes are offered guidance into major and minor fields of study.  Additional College support services provided include organized study sessions, tutorial services, time management, study skills instruction and direction for establishing college success strategies.

Curry’s support program includes: 

Academic Monitoring:  Progress report slips (i.e., requesting information regarding class attendance and performance) are sent to each instructor at the request of each individual coach.  Academic Alerts for student-athletes are sent to the Student Athlete Welfare Coordinator and then forwarded on to the Head Coach.

Counseling/Mentoring: The athletic staff and/or counseling staff meet with student-athletes, individually and in groups, regarding academic, athletic and/or personal issues.

Notifications: At the beginning of each semester, instructors are notified of each student-athlete's travel/competitive schedule. 

Study Hall: Quiet, monitored study time is offered two nights each week. Student-athletes are required to attend based on their class standing and current GPA. All first-year student-athletes are required to attend study hall during their first semester. They may also be required to attend study hall during their second semester, depending on their first-semester grades. Upperclassmen may be required to attend based on their class standing and GPA.

The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC): The AEC accomplishes its mission in five ways: by offering academic courses designed to enhance students’ academic skills; by providing peer tutors and teaching assistants for subject matter tutorial in the academic disciplines; by staffing the Writing Center and Math Lab with staff, faculty and peer tutors; by presenting a variety of non-credit workshops each semester; and by providing a quiet study area equipped with personal computers.

The Curry College Faculty Athletic Representative is Assistant Professor Dr. Kristen Getchell.  Professor Getchell serves as the Coordinator of Curry’s Writing Program, and teaches Writing Workshop I, Writing Workshop II and First Year Seminar.  She can be reached at (617) 333- 2191 or via email:

The Curry College Student Athlete Welfare Coordinator is Bruce Weckworth.   He can be reached at (617) 333-2352 or via email:

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