Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Email
Vinnie Eruzione Athletic Director 617-333-2202
Chris McKeon Assistant A.D. for Communications 617-333-2324
Teresa Robinson Administrative Assistant 617-333-2216
Tom Joyce Game Management 617-333-2216
T.J. Manastersky Game Administration/Game Worker Coordinator 617-333-2224
Peter Mendel SAAC Advisor/Game Administration 617-333-2093
Tim Murphy Strength and Conditioning Coordinator 617-333-2052
Caitlin Roberts Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) 617-979-3521
Joe Miller Night & Weekend Weightroom Supervisor 617-391-5154
Bruce Weckworth Student-Athlete Recruiting and Welfare Coordinator 617-333-2352

Sports Information

Name Title Phone Email
Chris McKeon Assistant A.D. for Communications (Contact for football, women's volleyball, women's basketball, men's basketball, baseball, softball, men's tennis) 617-333-2324
Caitlin Roberts Assistant SID (Contact for women's soccer, men's soccer, women's tennis, women's cross country, men's ice hockey, women's lacrosse, men's lacrosse) 617-979-3521

Sports Medicine

Name Title Phone Email
Kelly Melville Head Athletic Trainer 617-333-2203
Ashley Hartwell Assistant Athletic Trainer 617-333-2376
Paul Fleury Assistant Athletic Trainer 617-333-2376
Julia Barry Assistant Athletic Trainer 617-333-2376


Name Title Phone Email
Dave Perdios Head Coach 617-333-2055
Paul Bortolotti Assistant Coach 617-333-2055
Brad Fogel Assistant Coach 617-333-2055


Name Title Phone Email
Lauren Bradley Head Coach 617-333-2919
Felicia Troy Assistant Coach 617-333-2919


Name Title Phone Email
Skip Bandini Head Coach 617-333-2109
John Gendron Defensive Coordinator 617-333-2089
Lou Abare Assistant Coach 617-979-3558
Joe Pappagallo Assistant Coach 617-979-3558
Bill deLuze Assistant Coach 617-979-3558
Dick Yule Assistant Coach 617-979-3558
Dane Finis Assistant Coach 617-333-3558
Luke Bahry Assistant Coach 617-333-3558

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Matt LeVangie Head Coach 617-333-2200
Phil Alibrandi Assistant Coach 617-333-2200

Men's Ice Hockey

Name Title Phone Email
T.J. Manastersky Head Coach 617-333-2224
Mike MacDonald Assistant Coach 617-696-9275

Men's Lacrosse

Name Title Phone Email
Tim Murphy Head Coach 617-333-2052
Brian Endicott Assistant Coach 617-333-2052
Kyle Lange Assistant Coach 617-333-2052

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Peter Mendel Head Coach 617-333-2093
Jeff Hallenbeck Assistant Coach 617-333-2093
Sam Hunter Assistant Coach 617-333-2093

Men's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Norm Nguyen Head Coach 617-391-5143
Leon Shneider Assistant Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Bruce Weckworth Head Coach 617-333-2352
Kathy Berardi Pitching Coach

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Fran Elms Head Coach 617-333-2205
Stacey Cotter Associate Head Coach 617-333-2205

Women's Lacrosse

Name Title Phone Email
Caitlin Roberts Head Coach 617-979-3521
Meghan Ross Assistant Coach

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Jason Tassinari Head Coach 617-333-2377
Paul Maloney Assistant Coach 617-333-2377
Jenna Szostak Assistant Coach 617-333-2377
Mike Madden Assistant Coach 617-333-2377
Rob Leary Assistant Coach 617-333-2377

Women's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Norm Nguyen Head Coach 617-391-5143
Leon Shneider Assistant Coach

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Head Coach
Danielle Dean Assistant Coach 617-979-3502

Women's Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Joseph Rich Head Coach 617-333-2217

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