Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Email
Vinnie Eruzione Athletic Director 617-333-2202
Chris McKeon Assistant A.D. for Communications 617-333-2324
Teresa Robinson Administrative Assistant 617-333-2216
Tom Joyce Game Management 617-333-2216
T.J. Manastersky Game Administration/Game Worker Coordinator 617-333-2224
Peter Mendel SAAC Advisor/Game Administration 617-333-2093
Tim Murphy Strength and Conditioning Coordinator 617-333-2052
Caitlin Roberts Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) 617-979-3521
Marcus Dennis Night & Weekend Weightroom Supervisor 617-391-5154
Bruce Weckworth Student-Athlete Recruiting and Welfare Coordinator 617-333-2352
Matt Raine Graduate Assistant

Sports Information

Name Title Phone Email
Chris McKeon Assistant A.D. for Communications (Contact for football, women's volleyball, women's basketball, men's basketball, baseball, softball, men's tennis) 617-333-2324
Caitlin Roberts Assistant SID (Contact for women's soccer, men's soccer, women's tennis, women's cross country, men's ice hockey, women's lacrosse, men's lacrosse) 617-979-3521

Sports Medicine

Name Title Phone Email
Kelly Melville Head Athletic Trainer 617-333-2203
Ashley Hartwell Assistant Athletic Trainer 617-333-2376
Paul Fleury Assistant Athletic Trainer 617-333-3127
Mariah Hanson Assistant Athletic Trainer 617-333-2203


Name Title Phone Email
Paul Bortolotti Head Coach 617-333-2055
Pat Collins Assistant Coach 617-333-2055
Brad Fogel Assistant Coach 617-333-2055


Name Title Phone Email
Lauren Bradley Head Coach 617-333-2919


Name Title Phone Email
Skip Bandini Head Coach 617-333-2109
Steve Scott Defensive Coordinator 617-333-2089
Lou Abare Assistant Coach 617-979-3558
Joe Pappagallo Assistant Coach 617-979-3558
Bill deLuze Assistant Coach 617-979-3558
Dick Yule Assistant Coach 617-979-3558
Mike Broderick Assistant Coach 617-333-3558
Dan Duggan Assistant Coach 617-333-3558
Viondy Merisma Graduate Assistant 617-333-3558

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Matt LeVangie Head Coach 617-333-2200
Phil Alibrandi Assistant Coach 617-333-2200
Lambros Papalambros Assistant Coach 617-333-2200

Men's Ice Hockey

Name Title Phone Email
T.J. Manastersky Head Coach 617-333-2224
Dave MacKenzie Assistant Coach 617-333-2224
Mike MacDonald Assistant Coach 617-696-9275

Men's Lacrosse

Name Title Phone Email
Tim Murphy Head Coach 617-333-2052
Brian Endicott Assistant Coach 617-333-2052
Jamie Stefanini Assistant Coach
Kyle Lange Assistant Coach 617-333-2052

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Peter Mendel Head Coach 617-333-2093
Alvaro Amarel Assistant Coach 617-333-2093
Sam Hunter Assistant Coach 617-333-2093

Men's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
TBA Head Coach 617-391-5143
Leon Shneider Assistant Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Bruce Weckworth Head Coach 617-333-2352
TBA Assistant Coach 617-333-2352
TBA Pitching Coach 617-333-2352

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Fran Elms Head Coach 617-333-2205
Stacey Cotter Associate Head Coach 617-333-2205

Women's Lacrosse

Name Title Phone Email
Caitlin Roberts Head Coach 617-979-3521
TBA Assistant Coach

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Jason Tassinari Head Coach 617-333-2377
Paul Maloney Assistant Coach 617-333-2377
Jenna Szostak Assistant Coach 617-333-2377
Kaitlyn Lima Assistant Coach 617-333-2377
Devon McKay Assistant Coach 617-333-2377
Morgan Stott Assistant Coach 617-333-2377
Rob Leary Assistant Coach 617-333-2377
Jason Silva Assistant Coach 617-333-2377

Women's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
TBA Head Coach 617-391-5143
Leon Shneider Assistant Coach

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Bori May Head Coach 617-979-3502
Drew Jordan Assistant Coach 617-979-3502
Emily O'Reilly Assistant Coach 617-979-3502

Women's Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
TBA Head Coach 617-333-2217