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Curry Hockey Volunteers For Milton Youth Hockey LearnTo Skate

Curry Hockey Volunteers For Milton Youth Hockey LearnTo Skate

MILTON, Mass. - The Milton Youth Hockey's Learn to Skate Program has recently ended another successful season – its 51st

This year's ice skating program was held on Sundays at Ulin Rink.  There were 203 participants (103 boys and 100 girls) in this large and popular Learn to Skate Program.  Each of the youngsters showed improvement in doing his or her job every week which was "To learn and to be the best skater I can be."  Skating fundamentals such as balance, starts, motion, stride, agility, speed, stops safety, etc. were stressed in the lessons.

Many adults, including students from Milton High School as well as from Curry College, contributed their time to help the children learn, work hard, and have fun!  The time and effort these volunteers put into the program has helped many Milton boys and girls come to enjoy skating. It has also helped to develop a strong interest on the youngsters' part in the sport of hockey or figure skating.

Also partnering with the Learn to Skate Program was the Curry College Men's Hockey Team under the coaching of T.J. Manastersky.   Kudos to the following team members who served as instructors on the ice: Mike Apreda, Robert Cammalleri, Spencer Cookson, Adam DiBrina, Ryan Fitzgerald, Shane Harrington, Jake Heisinger, Mack Heisinger, Chris James, Phil Kiss, Jarrett Kup, Hector Majul, Lionel Mauron, Dan McGinnis, James Murphy, Sean Nelson, Justin Nice, Ellery O'Hara, Joe Scarfo, Brett Sinclair, Shane Tracy, Adam Valadao, Michael Vallescuro, Tyler Vankleef, and Zachery White. (Written by Robert Sweeney; Photography by Gert Sweeney )












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